Suzan Bayhan

Suzan Bayhan

Contact: s.surname AT
Design and Analysis of Communication Systems (DACS)
Faculty of EEMCS, University of Twente
PO Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
Office: ZI-5049 (Zilverling)

Publications, News, Teaching

I am a computer scientist broadly interested in networking. More particularly, my research aims at understanding, designing, and developing solutions for efficient networking, mostly in the context of content delivery in wireless and wired networks. Please see below more information on my research on edge/fog/cloud, information-centric networks, spectrum sharing, and mobile opportunistic networks.

On March 2017, I am granted the title of Docent in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, Finland. During 2017-2018, I was on N2Women Board as one of the mentoring co-chairs. 

Academic Positions

Assistant professor @ DACS, University of Twente, Netherlands (09.2019 - present)

Senior researcher @ TKN, TU Berlin, Germany (09.2016 - 09.2019)

Post-doc researcher @ CoNe, University of Helsinki, Finland (08.2012 - 09.2016)

PhD researcher @ SATLAB, Bogazici University, Turkey (2007 - 2012)

Research Visits:

Visiting researcher @ CS, Aalto University, Finland (03.2019)

Visiting researcher @ EDGELab, Princeton University, NJ, US (03.2016 - 04.2016)


PI, DeVid: Leveraging Deep Learning for VIdeo Streaming, supported by German Research Foundation DFG, 2018

Researcher, Bright Clouds, Dark Clouds (BCDC), supprted by Academy of Finland, 2016

Researcher, WiFiUS, Ubiquitous Video over Dynamic Spectrum, supported by Academy of Finland, 2014-2016

Researcher, Picking Digital Pockets (PDP), supported by Academy of Finland, 2012-2015


Work in Progress/Submitted

  • The Future is Unlicensed: Coexistence in the Unlicensed Spectrum for 5G, 2018 arXiv
  • Deep Learning for Cross-Technology Communication Design", arxiv, listed in Research Library of the IEEE Machine Learning For Communications Emerging Technologies Initiatives, 2019.

  • Publications on Edge/Fog/Cloud

  • DeCloud: Truthful Decentralized Double Auction for Edge Clouds
    ICDCS 2019 (acceptance ratio: 25%) paper | slides
    Aleksandr Zavodovski, Suzan Bayhan, Nitinder Mohan, Pengyuan Zhou, Walter Wong, Jussi Kangasharju

  • ExEC:Elastic Extensible Edge Cloud
    EdgeSys 2019  paper | slides
    Aleksandr Zavodovski, Nitinder Mohan, Suzan Bayhan, Walter Wong, Jussi Kangasharju

  • ICON: Intelligent Container Overlays
    ACM HotNets 2018 (acceptance ratio: 26/125=~21%). paper | slides | video
    Aleksandr Zavodovski, Nitinder Mohan, Suzan Bayhan, Walter Wong, Jussi Kangasharju

  • Publications on Unlicensed Spectrum (WLANs and LTE in Unlicensed)

  • Smart Contracts for Spectrum Sensing as a Service
    IEEE TCCN 2019. paper 
    Suzan Bayhan, Anatolij Zubow, Piotr Gawlowicz, Adam Wolisz

  • Null-While-Talk: Interference Nulling for Improved Inter-Technology Coexistence in LTE-U and WiFi Networks
    Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2019 paper
    Suzan Bayhan*, Piotr Gawlowicz*, Anatolij Zubow*, Adam Wolisz (*equal contributions)

  • PoMeS: Profit-Maximizing Sensor Selection for Crowd-Sensed Spectrum Discovery
    CROWNCOM 2019 (invited).  paper | slides
    Suzan Bayhan, Gurkan Gur, Anatolij Zubow

  • Spass: Spectrum Sensing as a Service via Smart Contracts
    IEEE DYSPAN 2018.  paper | slides | repository
    Suzan Bayhan, Anatolij Zubow, Adam Wolisz

  • Demo: Cross-Technology Interference Nulling for Improved LTE-U/WiFi Coexistence
    ACM MobiSys 2018. abstract | poster | video
    Piotr Gawlowicz, Anatolij Zubow, Suzan Bayhan

  • On Practical Coexistence Gaps in Space for LTE-U/WiFi Coexistence
    European Wireless 2018, Catania, Italy. paper | slides | arxiv
    Anatolij Zubow, Piotr Gawlowicz, Suzan Bayhan

  • Coexistence Gaps in Space: Cross-Technology Interference-Nulling for Improving LTE-U/WiFi Coexistence
    IEEE WoWMoM 2018, Chania, Greece. paper | slides | arXiv
  • Suzan Bayhan, Anatolij Zubow, Adam Wolisz

  • Enabling Flexibility of Traffic Split Function in LTE-WiFi Aggregation Networks through SDN
    WSA Workshop on Smart Antennas, Febr. 2018.  paper | slides
    Suzan Bayhan and Anatolij Zubow

  • Optimal Mapping of Stations to Access Points in Enterprise Wireless Local Area Networks
    ACM MsWiM, November 2017.  paper | slides
    Suzan Bayhan and Anatolij Zubow

  • Publications on ICN

  • Understanding Scoped-Flooding for Content Discovery and Caching in Content Networks
     IEEE JSAC SI on Caching 2018.  paper
    Liang Wang, Suzan Bayhan, Jörg Ott, Jussi Kangasharju, Jon Crowcroft

  • Optimal Resource Allocation for Content Delivery in D2D-supported Cellular Networks
    IEEE PIMRC 2017
    Can Guven, Suzan Bayhan, Gurkan Gur, and Salim Eryigit

  • On Content Indexing for Off-Path Caching in ICN 
    ACM ICN, Kyoto, Japan, September 26-28, 2016.  paper | slides
    Suzan Bayhan, Liang Wang, Jörg Ott, Jussi Kangasharju, Arjuna Sathiaseelan, Jon Crowcroft

  • Pro-Diluvian: Understanding Scoped-Flooding for Content Discovery in ICN. Best Paper Award 
    ACM ICN, San Francisco, US, Sept. 30 - Oct.2, 2015.  paper | slides
    Liang Wang, Suzan Bayhan, Jörg Ott, Jussi Kangasharju, Arjuna Sathiaseelan, Jon Crowcroft

  • Optimal Chunking and Partial Caching in ICN
    Computer Communications, Volume 61, p. 48-57, May 2015. paper
    Liang Wang, Suzan Bayhan, Jussi Kangasharju

  • Effects of Cooperation Policy and Network Topology on Performance of In-Network Caching
    IEEE Communications Letters, vol:18, issue:4, Apr. 2014.  paper
    Liang Wang, Suzan Bayhan, Jussi Kangasharju

  • Publications on Spectrum Sharing and Cognitive Radio

  • Data-Driven Analysis of Database-Assisted Spectrum Access for Mobile Users
    INFOCOM Workshop on SCAN, Atlanta, US, May 1, 2017.  paper | slides
    Aleksandr Zavadovski, Suzan Bayhan, and Jussi Kangasharju

  • Mobile Content Offloading in Database-Assisted White Space Networks
    CrownCom, Grenoble, France, May 30 - June 1, 2016.  paper | slides
    Suzan Bayhan, Gopika Premsankar, Mario Di Francesco, and Jussi Kangasharju

  • Optimal Cooperator Set Selection in Social CRNs
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2015
    Salim Eryigit, Suzan Bayhan, Jussi Kangasharju, and Tuna Tugcu

  • CooperativeQ: Energy-Efficient Channel Access Based on Cooperative Reinforcement Learning
    IEEE ICC 2015, Workshop on Next Generation Green ICT, London, UK, June 2015. paper | slides
    Mehmet Emre, Gürkan Gür, Suzan Bayhan, and Fatih Alagöz

  • Extending Cognitive Radios with New Perspectives (Invited Paper)
    International Conf. on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN), Shanghai, China, July 2014. paper | slides
    Suzan Bayhan and Jussi Kangasharju

  • Energy Efficiency Impact of Cognitive Femtocells in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
    The First ACM workshop on Cognitive Radio Architectures for Broadband (CRAB 2013), Miami, FL, USA
    , 2013.  slides
    Gürkan Gür, Suzan Bayhan, Fatih Alagöz

  • Effect of Social Relations on Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks (Invited Paper)
    BlackSeaCom, Batumi, Georgia, July 2013. paper | slides
    Can Güven, Suzan Bayhan, Fatih Alagöz

  • Energy Efficiency is a Subtle Concept: Fundamental Trade-offs for Cognitive Radio Networks
    IEEE Communications
    , Special Issue on EE CRNs, vol:52, issue: 7, July, 2014. Poster| IEEExplore
    Salim Eryigit, Gürkan Gür, Suzan Bayhan, Tuna Tugcu

  • Radio Environment Map As Enabler for Practical Cognitive Radio Networks
    IEEE Communications, vol.51, no.12, Dec. 2013.  IEEExplore
    H.Birkan Yilmaz, Suzan Bayhan, Tuna Tugcu, and Fatih Alagöz

  • Low Complexity Uplink Schedulers for Energy-Efficient CRNs
    IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, vol. 2, no. 3, June 2013.  paper
    Suzan Bayhan, Salim Eryigit, Fatih Alagöz, Tuna Tugcu

  • Energy-Efficient Multi-Channel Cooperative Sensing Scheduling with Heterogeneous Channel Conditions for CRNs
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol.62, issue:6, July 2013  paper
    Salim Eryigit, Suzan Bayhan, Tuna Tugcu

  • Scheduling in Centralized CRNs for Energy Efficiency
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol.62, no.2, Feb. 2013. paper
    Suzan Bayhan and Fatih Alagöz

  • A Markovian Approach for best-fit channel selection in CRNs
    Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier), 12: 165-177 (2014). paper
    Suzan Bayhan and Fatih Alagöz

  • Distributed Channel Selection in CRAHNs: A Non-Selfish Scheme Mitigating the Effect of Spectrum Fragmentation
    Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier), SI on CRAHNs
    , Volume 10, Issue 5, July 2012. p.774–788.  paper
    Suzan Bayhan and Fatih Alagöz

  • Cognitive Femtocell Networks: An Overlay Architecture for Localized Dynamic Spectrum Access
    IEEE Wireless Communications, Aug. 2010. Listed in Best Reading on Cognitive Radio  paper
    Gürkan Gür, Suzan Bayhan, Fatih Alagöz

  • Channel Switching Cost Aware and Energy-Efficient Cooperative Sensing Scheduling for CRNs
    IEEE ICC 2013, Budhapest, Hungary, June 2013. paper
    Salim Eryigit, Suzan Bayhan and Tuna Tugcu

  • A Non-Selfish and Distributed Channel Selection Scheme in CRAHNs
    ACM MsWiM, Turkey, 2010.
    Suzan Bayhan and Fatih Alagöz

  • Publications on Mobile Opportunistic Networks

  • Search in Digital Pockets: Retrieving Remote Content in Mobile Opportunistic Networks paper
    IEEE Wireless Communications, June 2016.
    Suzan Bayhan, Esa Hyytiä, Jussi Kangasharju, and Jörg Ott

  • On Search and Content Availability in Opportunistic Networks
    Computer Communications, vol. 73, Part A, Jan. 2016, pp. 118–131. paper
    Esa Hyytiä, Suzan Bayhan, Jörg Ott, Jussi Kangasharju

  • Two Hops or More: On Hop-Limited Search in Opportunistic Networks
    ACM MsWiM, Cancun, Mexico, Nov. 2015.  paper | slides | report
    Suzan Bayhan, Esa Hyytiä, Jussi Kangasharju, Jörg Ott

  • Analysis of Hop Limit in Opportunistic Networks by Static and Time-Aggregated Graphs
    IEEE ICC 2015 - Mobile and Wireless Networking Symposium, London, UK, June 2015. paper | slides
    Suzan  Bayhan, Esa Hyytiä, Jussi Kangasharju, and Jörg Ott

  • Searching a Needle in (Linear) Opportunistic Networks
    ACM MSWiM, Montreal, Canada, 2014. paper
    Esa Hyytiä, Suzan  Bayhan, Jörg Ott and Jussi Kangasharju

  • Seeker-Assisted Information Search in Mobile Clouds
    ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), Hong Kong, 2013. paper, slides, 2012 N2Women
    Suzan  Bayhan, Esa Hyytiä, Jussi Kangasharju and Jörg Ott

  • Selected/Invited Talks

    CS Forum talk @ Aalto University, Smart Contracts for Crowdsourced Spectrum Sensing, March 2019. slides
    Guest Lecture@Aarhus University, Spectrum Sharing for Cost-Effective Capacity Expansion of Wireless Networks, Nov. 2018 abstract

    Talk@Aalto University, Coexistence of LTE with WiFi in unlicensed spectrum, March. 2018. abstract

    Invited talk@Bogazici University, Scaling up for 20 Billion Devices by 2020 and beyond, Feb. 2018. [abstract]

    Tutorial@CrownCom2017 in Lisbon, Machine Learning For Spectrum Sharing in Wireless Networks, with Gurkan Gur [abstract] [slides]

    Public demonstration lecture@University of Helsinki, Content Delivery Techniques, Feb. 2017 [slides]

    Tutorial@CrownCom2015 in Doha, Energy Efficiency of Cognitive Radio Networks, with Gurkan Gur, Salim Eryigit [slides]

    Talk@NokiaBellLabs-Dublin, White spaces for sustainable mobile data offloading, April 2016 [slides]

    Guest Lecture and Seminar@Bogazici University in Istanbul, Content discovery in Information Centric Networks When to flood? Where to flood?, Dec. 2015 [lecture slides] [seminar slides

    Talk@Cambridge University, Content search and availability estimation in mobile opportunistic networks, Nov. 2015 [slides]


    BS course on Pearl 101: Operating Systems and Computer Networks, University of Twente, September 2019 (for BIT), October 2019 (for CS).

    (BS/MS) Student Projects at TU Berlin, Germany,  Summer 2017,  Summer 2018, Winter 2018/2019. 

    MS course: Content delivery techniques, TU Berlin, Germany ,  Summer 2017, Summer 2018, Summer 2019. (ISIS pages for the courses)

    MS seminar: Traffic characteristics in modern wireless networks (with Dr. Anatolij Zubow), TU Berlin, Germany , Winter 2018/2019, Summer 2018, Winter 2017/2018, Summer 2017, Winter 2016/2017. (ISIS pages for the courses)

    Organizer of MS/PhD crash course A Comparison of Current and Future Internet Architectures (lecturer: Prof. Sukru Kuran) University of Helsinki, Finland, June 14-17, 2016.

    MS seminar: Social Networks Analysis for Communication Networks, University of Helsinki, Finland, Spring 2015 14.01-29.04.2015.

    MS Seminar: Cognitive Networks and Cross-Layer Interactions, University of Helsinki, Finland, Spring 2013 14.01-29.04.2013.

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